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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  October 15, 2016 3:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning to you. it is saturday, october 15th. time to get up and the coffee roasting. donald trump is on the attack and firing up the crowds like never before. >> as you have seen, i am a victim of one of the great political smear campaigns in the history of our country. >> trump going after accusers, the media and the prompter. >> ask hillary's supporters what they think of their own candidate. her instincts are suboptimal. wait till you see it. one of the democrats
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favorite attack lines. >> he has really started his political activity based on this racist lie that our first black president was not an american citizen. >> this morning, the truth about the birther movement comes out. wait until you hear who really started it. fox and friends begins right now. good saturday morning, everyone. nice to see all of you. >> we are so super excited. we have been listening to kenny loggins this morning. he's going to be here this morning. do you have a favorite? >> i'm with you. >> i love the way -- i'm sorry. >> adorable. >> i'm for it. >> my mom and i love that song.
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>> he has a new kids project. danger zone, another beautiful song. we are going ease you into saturday morning. >> we are. >> like a warm, good morning. back to the presidential race. donald trump firing back over mounting sexual assault accusations. >> from the left. the gop claiming it is part of the biggest smear campaign in history. >> cutting loose from new hampshire where trump is holding a rally this morning. good morning, peter. >> what is your favorite song from kenny loggins? >> reporter: gotta be "foot loose." been listening all morning. trump is coming up from new england. he was in north carolina. he was trying to stick to the skipt. teleprompters weren't working. instead of calling for help, he took them apart.
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later, by the end of the speech, they were both gone. a big crowd in north carolina seemed to get a kick out of it. trump says he likes speaking without the prompter anyway. trump did expand his defense last night against multiple women accusing him of sexual misconduct. he complained about being picked apart by the press over the decades old claims not supported by hard evidence or witness accounts. the theory the clinton campaign is encouraging them seemed to flush out when gloria allred, who was a hillary clinton delegate at this summer's democratic convention introduced the latest accuser. >> as you have seen, i am a victim of one of the great political smear campaigns in the history of our country. they are coming after me to try
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and destroy what is considered by even them the greatest movement in the history of our country. >> reporter: trump has a packed schedule today. tonight, he will speak at a dinner in new jersey. he will have a rally at an arena in maine. we expect him at toyota of portsmouth. he was here for the scott brown no bs barbecue. voters know him well. they saw him in the primaries and is about to see him as he is now with three weeks left as the nominee. back to you in new york. >> live on the river. >> thanks, peter. >> for years, critics and the clinton's raised questions about their foundation. the basic worry about both of these organizations is they are taking money from foreign government in exchange for
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favors done by the u.s. government. people aleleged that for a long time with the wikileaks. >> an independent law firm looked into this. they reviewed and found this. failures -- they are slamming the board of directors. they say they don't show up for meetings. fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities. some of who may have conflicts of interest that could mar their judgment. the foundation's outside auditors noticed the lack of meetings and things not signed. it was noted by the auditors. i thought what was interesting is chelsea clinton was concerned about this. she wanted this looked into. internal discussions over this
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spoiled brat looking into it. >> you see e-mails of how chelsea is concerned how this is being operated. she was aware of it. >> hundreds of millions of dollars exchanged here. the idea, we are going to donate foreign leaders and we are going to provide favors in return. >> that was affirmed by this review. to reat a time, it was called for by chelsea clinton. this was an inpendant law firm looking at this. people giving money to the clinton foundation expect something in return. >> it's amazing to read the internal e-mails slamming hillary clinton, calling her a spoiled brat, she shouldn't be sniffing her nose in it. >> clinging on to her parents getting rich. wait a second, she should back off here. >> this little spoiled brat she
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is. if you take a step back, the take away is the clinton's continuing to scoot the law when other people get punished for doing things they have done and how calculated they have been. there's an e-mail exchange with the campaign manager talking about the wall street speeches we know that both hillary and bill were giving at that time. we are announcing on the 12th, the 13th, speaking to a wall street bank on the 15th. this is begging for a bad rollout. >> bill clinton is about to give a speech to morgan stanley and cites polling data from iowa, a state they want to win. they were worried about the influence of wall street. maybe bill clinton should forego one speech. guess who wanted the money so bad, they only made a quarter billion dollars. hillary clinton. john and robby, hrc is
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reiterating the position. she did not want him to cancel. >> she does not want him to cancel this speech. to your point about the polling data. she's set to her candidacy, comes out, she is going to be in iowa. he says wall street ranks among the first of iowans that take advantage of every day americans. this is a very big deal, in my view. he's telling hillary clinton, we have to get bill to not give this speech. it's not going to resinate well in iowa. they will see him as disconnected. >> pretend you are not on the pocket of big finance and hillary clinton says, no, we want the payday. i'm for capitalism and making money. i'm not against giving speeches, i'm for it. this is greed. you are pursuing money to your own detriment. >> so interesting. this is like the books you read after a campaign is over, all
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the gossip and nonsense. we are reading it live while the campaign is happening, weeks before the election. thousand clinton campaign and her small family around her actually feels about hillary clinton. >> look at this. this is the e-mail, hillary, god, her instincts are suboptimal. >> she's very close to hillary clinton, one of her key policy advisers and knows her well enough to pass that judgment. >> we are going around google trend and how people are searching for topics. when you punch in google trends, trump women or wikileaks. look what has the overwhelming number of searches, wikileaks. huge spikes all over the country. this is daily. it's across the united states in canada, africa, wikileaks
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searches. >> you don't see that when you turn on the different channels on cable and mainstream news, the numbers don't add up. >> you would think it is mirrored. >> there's one story, trump's vulgar. okay. he was on howard stern a lot. the e-mails tell us something we didn't know. isn't it news worthy? we think it is. here is a side by side of the number of minutes the networks gave to the two stories. >> are we shocked by this? repeat this on a regular basis. four minutes on abc news. one minute for wikileaks, trump four minutes. >> what about nbc news? zero minutes. they ignore it like nothing happened. >> there's a lot going on there. >> john harwood, who works for "the new york times" and cnbc was caught in these e-mails giving campaign advice to the hillary clinton for president
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campaign. totally busted. rather than addressing it, the story never happened. we are going to erase you from the picture, it never happened. >> we talked about this last week, i find it to be a sad time for america. here we are a few weeks before the election. we are not talking issues that impact people's daily lives. we are not talking the economy or foreign policy or energy or anything that really matters. so, i think that's sad. i think that's why people are frustrated with this election and where we are in terms of who they are going to vote for. >> if the television broadcast networks decided to do a side by side comparison of their poll sis. the middle class is dying. trump is naughty or people are mad at him. okay, i get it. i believe it. it's fine. what are they going to do if elected president. >> the wall street speeches where hillary clinton is talking
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policy. it's so different than we are hearing on the stump. more on that later. we have other headlines we have to get to this morning. a fox news alert. cia preparing a major cyber attack against russia. vice president joe biden saying the obama administration is going to send a message to vladimir putin. the white house blamed them for hacking the dnc and supplying e-mails to wikileaks. another alert, a police officer shot in the head. [ gunfire ] >> officer down. all units to respond. >> san francisco police confronting a mentally ill man at a shopping plaza when he opened fire. one officer suffering a serious graze wound to the head. they wounded the suspect who is now in custody. thankfully, the wounded officer is going to be okay.
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the samsung 7 is grounded. passengers are no longer allowed to bring them on u.s. flights. it bans them from packing the phone in luggage or carrying them on board. it comes after samsung stopped making and recalled 3 million reports of phones exploding. it's terrible. >> can you imagine. if you are a samsung shareholder. the phone is great, but it blows up. >> otherwise, go ahead and buy them. >> all right. looks like someone accidentally spilled the beans about hillary clinton's plan to take your guns away. >> republicans in congress and hillary is elected, is there anything she could do -- >> there might be an executive order. >> that's it. they are just taking it from you. >> what does trump have in mind? the plans for the second amendment is next.
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or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ask about humira, the #1 prescribed biologic by dermatologists. clearer skin is possible. caught on camera. former democratic wisconsin senator telling the troous about hillary clinton's strategy to take guns out of your hands, law-abiding american. watch this. >> a republican in congress and if hillary is elected, is there anything she can do to -- >> there might be an executive order. >> executive orders. not through congress, but straight from the white house, taking your guns away. here to weigh in is david webb. >> that's the truth.
3:18 am
you are not going to get gun control ledge through congress. people don't want it. >> they are not going to get it through democrats in congress, not just republicans. >> who care what is the public wanlts, she is going to do it any way. >> this is the way they approach things. democrats where hillary clinton sits. if we can't get it done the right way, we'll impede. what have they done in all the jurisdictions in america? they impede or hinder your right to bear arms, your second amendment right to buy arms. they find every way to get in your way to create safe zones or fake safe zones. you can't have it within 1500 yards of this. the american people have decided we are going to stick with our constitution and that has got to seriously anger hillary clinton. >> you want to do anything. they want to make any social change at all, they do it through the agency, not the congress anymore. here, we are going to do a side
3:19 am
by side gun question policy on the screen. trump wants to fix the broken system making conceal carry systems in every state. hillary clinton wants to expand background checks, increase inspections on licensed arms dealers ban assault weapons, whatever they are. letting people sue gun manufacturers is a legal pinata. does anybody believe that will reduce gun violence? >> no, that's not about gun violence. itis about control. think about this. if she says we are going to the gun manufacturers, what's going to determine another industry should be open to lawsuits. sue the coal manufacturers because you have lung cancer. >> taking more money from lawyers than any other group. this makes lawyers rich. is there a connection?
3:20 am
>> of course there is. they lobby. the lawyers and lawyers association have been heavily embedded with the democratic party. they lobby republicans, too. the democrats have more rules, more democracy, more regulations is more business for lawyers. >> and more lawsuits. if you can find one piece of social science that suggests that suing gun manufacturers will make america safer, i would love to see it. >> how does removing guns and the right to bear arms from law-abiding citizens reduce the criminals desire to get and use a gun? it makes no sense but they are determined. >> bracing common sense from david webb. early, but very welcome. >> good to see you. both presidential candidates are dealing with their own scandals. is the press treating them fairly? can you be unfair to donald trump? not in the mind of reporters.
3:21 am
our political panel debates that question, next. billy bush about to get a payday from nbc to leave the network. there's a big story there. wrong doing at the peacock. we have details coming up. you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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welcome back. a quick look at headlines and a fox news alert. president obama sending 500 more american troops to iraq to take on isis. the soldiers will train in advisory roles. another alert, a hacker who exposed hillary clinton's private e-mail server is abruptly thrown back to romania after a judge demanded he be deported. he served time in virginia.
3:25 am
he's the only one involved in clinton's e-mail scandal to serve time in prison. back to you. >> hammering donald trump on the recent claims of sexual assault and wikileaks bombshells are being overlooked. which candidate should the media be focused on? communications director, daniella in the middle. democratic strategist and hillary clinton support erica meal foster in the fall sweater ensemble. nice to see all of you this morning. happy fall to all of you. the argument from democrats has been, hillary clinton's negatives are baked into the pie. we know hillary clinton. she's been vetted for years. is the media treating her fairly? when asked, democrats say we know this already. we don't need them covered anymore. >> i think yes. what is happening with donald trump and the revelations are important and news worthy. you know, the idea that
3:26 am
mainstream media is ignoring wick kkileak wikileaks, i don't think is true. 17 articles between "the washington post" and "the new york times" in the last three days. >> look at google trends, an indicator of what people are searching for online. this is over a number of days. one week. wikileaks was the most searched for term compared to women, down lower. look at the "nightly news" cast and it's not a mirror image of that at all. trump women gets way more coverage than the wikileaks gets. the wall street journal is writing nasty pieces, then the mainstream media is ignoring it. >> the wikileaks brand is well established. trump women is one way someone might look for this. i'm not certain it's the most scientific way to see if they care about either issue. >> the keywords are trump
3:27 am
groping. >> that may be it. look, the key thing is, this story with donald trump is more salacious than sifting through thousands and thousands of e-mails to find out what most of us know, politics is corrupt and politicians will be available. that happens in politics. that is to be expected. >> is that a good defense, we already knew this about hillary clinton, with the clinton foundation, now we have concerns from chelsea clinton and which are donating money and who is able to get favors from the clinton foundation. we see it in print. >> i don't think it's a good defense. it's correct. the media is going to look for a good meltdown. what they see is donald trump, his poll numbers sinking, they see a meltdown and there's blood in the water. you are seeing it become explicit. go back four years ago when mitt
3:28 am
romney accidentally said binders full of women instead of women's resumes. they made him out to be donald trump, basically. now you have donald trump and they are going to go with it until the election, unless there's a smoking gun that comes out in an e-mail that confirms the fbi was wrong or the investigation was tainted. >> you are shaking your head. >> i agree. in hindsight, many democrats will admit they went after mitt romney in a way that was inappropriate. it was dangerous in some of these things. i think in some ways donald trump would pass from the media maybe because he was such a good story. these howard stern tapes, the video. none of this is new. it's been around a long, long time. anyone who knew of trump in the early 2000s knew who he was. the media did a disservice not
3:29 am
revealing them. >> do you agree with danielle, the media made donald trump and wanted the story and overlooked the howard stern stuff and the nbc stuff and focused on jeb bush and ted cruz? >> may have. it's harder for voters to get invested in some of the mi knnu. it is easier to dig your head around a salacious scandal. it works better for moat people. there's something to be said that both candidates would much rather talk opponents negatives and dig into the stories. before the trump women revelation, they insisted he was going to double down and throw mud and get nasty things to stick to hillary clinton. they think the best way for them to win the election is not to compete on ideas or to sell the
3:30 am
virtue of their policies but make the other guy look unacceptable. >> do you agree with that? >> one thing left unsaid is the clinton operation is not a temporary come pain. the people working there have been in politics for years. they have been dealing with the press for years, maintaining this impression from the wikileaks e-mails. you are going to have a professional operation pushing the story. donald trump is a start-up campaign. you know, it's going to be easier for the clinton team to get traction with their stories because of the pre-existing relationships than trump for him to get his stories covered the same way. >> nuting from the clinton camp about the donald trump revelati revelation. as the tapes were coming out from nbc, clinton was talking climate change with al gore. she was releasing a service plan. she is in a way i think is --
3:31 am
>> she goes dark when it's convenient for her. if you are shooting yourself in the foot, stand back. >> let trump be trump. >> we appreciate it. it's one of the democrats favorite attack lines, watch. >> he has really started his political activity based on this racist lie that our first black president was not an american citizen. >> this morning truth might be coming out about the birther movement. wait until you see who really started it. i'll have that. henry is on deck. there he is in the hallways. good morning, ed. first, she condemned colin kaepernick's protest. now, ruth ginsburg is apologizing to him. i can get over 60 sheets of
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last night, hillary held a fund-raiser with elton john in california, which was great until they showed up wearing the same suit. >> that's great. >> politics. that's real, by the way. ed henry is here. >> good morning. >> nice to see you, ed. >> we do that all the time. >> always coordinating.
3:36 am
so, we want to talk about these leaks. we were talking about a bombshell that came out in the e-mails and hillary was pushing the muslim obama narrative in 2008. here is a look back at clinton-trump. who is to blame for the birther controversy? >> trump first gained political prom nance leading the charge for the so-called birthers. he promoted the racist lie that president obama is not really an american citizen. >> do you know who started the birther movement? do you know who started it? do you know who questioned his birth certificate? hillary clinton. >> he used this phony issue about where he was born that was definite proof we knew where he was born. it didn't matter. trump kept beating that drum. >> hillary clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the
3:37 am
birther controversy. i finished it. >> what do we know from the e-mails? >> this has been going on eight years. >> it won't end. in the e-mails, the hacked e-mail, you see there were actually notes going back and forth about what could be used against barack obama in 2008 and one of them was his father was a muslim. so, people are holding this up now saying, a-ha, people in '08 were going back and forth pushing the narrative. pa paul, who you know well was running a democratic superpack that supported all democrats, not just clinton, whoever was going to be the democratic nominee. he says they were testing out different narratives to say would this work against obama in a general election. if you look at it, it's marked mccain survey. >> we have the e-mail from back
3:38 am
in 2008. they said we have reworked the obama message into the survey as requested. on the list of the negative facts we need to cut out one since we separated out gay, adoption and cocaine. >> come on. they are pulling things out there. >> we need to break them out a separate question. >> hilarious. >> this is what their explanation is, to be fair. >> i understand why they are raising it, why it's stupid and wrong. racist, they never explain why it's racist. obama, by the way, spelled out phoneticall. >> oh, you were holding up these type of things. the democrats were doing some of
3:39 am
the same in '08. >> anyone who is covering the campaign heard this. oba obama's are secret radicals, michelle obama is a lunatic. >> him in the guard. >> their best friends now. >> they are besties. >> if you go through these e-mails, there's more than 10,000 that have been hacked. there's a whole series showing something private happening than in public. in fairness, if you went through the trump e-mails, there are things they are talking about realtime. >> it's like reading the game change book during the campaign. normally we get this gossip after the fact. >> you have e-mails going after catholics and his tannics. the people hillary clinton is courting and doing well with. running on the theme of stronger together. we are all going to hug. we are the world. they say donald trump is the most divisive figure. when you read the e-mail,
3:40 am
there's division on the democrats. >> divisive. are you coming back tomorrow? >> i'm coming back. >> you deserve a day off. >> thank you, ed henry. if you want to go home and stay. great to see you this morning. see you tomorrow. >> we have this in a canoe. >> hello. welcome to fox and friends weekend. >> love it. hey. >> we are doing some fishing. me and tucker carlson are going to do fishing later today. stick around for that. while i rest in my kayak orca knew, whatever it's called, the temperatures are chilly in the northeast. 46 looking at 60s in the upper midwest. we have a series of storms that are going to impact the northwest as well as northern california and eventually the northern rockies. a couple storm systems, one of them, originated from a typhoon so we could see winds in excess
3:41 am
of 80 miles per hour with this storm system. we could actually see the potential for two feet of rain and two feet of snow in the highest elevations. the dangerous threat here is not only the flooding, but the gusts of 80-mile-per-hour plus winds. a look at the rainfall and the coastline and the snow and higher elevations. i'm going to sit back here in my kayak orca knew and wait for you to come out here. >> wow. >> you are the happiest morning person i have ever met. >> look at the set up we have today. >> she is one of the happiest people. who doesn't want to wake up to her. >> ah, you are the best. days away from the final presidential debate is next week in las vegas. there could be moments like this that could change the election. >> maybe he doesn't want the american people to know he's paid nothing in federal taxes. >> back with some of the pivotal moments of the debate so far,
3:42 am
next. clintons can't stop hackers from breaking into their e-mail, but you can. how to spot a cyber threat before you click. that's next.
3:43 am
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and still have symptoms, it could be chronic dry eye. it's all about eyelove, my friends. nbc cutting a deal with billy bush after trashing his character in public. >> have a hug for the donald. >> absolutely. milelania said this was okay. >> bush will accept a multimillion dollar settlement, $10 million, to leave the "today" show after someone leaked the tape to "the washington post." >> ruth ginsburg flip-flopping in the national anthem protest.
3:46 am
>> i think it's really dumb of them. would i arrest them for doing it? no. it's dumb and disrespectful. >> she currently sits on the supreme court. she apologized saying she was too harsh after being criticized too harshly by the left. abb abb abbey? >> can you believe it? the final debate is four days away as the candidates prepare to face-off one last time. we are looking back at the most pivotal moments. here to help us, erin mcpike. good to see you. >> you, too. >> let's go through the most mem rablt moments. the clinton's comments on trump's fitness to serve. take a look. >> with prior republican nominees for president, i disagree with them. politics, policies, principles. but i never questioned their fitness to serve.
3:47 am
donald trump is dimpblt. the question for us, the question our country must answer is that this is not who we are. >> erin, this fitness to serve is going to come up again in las vegas wednesday night. how do you think her answer resinated with voters? >> i think it was a really important question for her to be asking. it is the argument she has been making. she also didn't bash the entire republican party. everybody has been saying the last couple weeks, they think she is going to win. this sets her up better to work with the republican party if she is elected president. >> the taxes. we know it's been brought up before. it's probably going to come up again. trump saying he was smart not to pay federal taxes. take a look. >> maybe he doesn't want the american people, all of you watching tonight, to know he's paid nothing in federal taxes.
3:48 am
>> that makes me smart. >> this is a moment, it reminds me of donald trump during the primaries. the reason why you could argue he won the primary. >> it was refreshingly honest. think of if mitt romney was faced with that question, he would have tied himself in knots. i'm looking forward to chris wallace pinning him down on donald trump saying he's so smart he knows the tax code better than anybody and he would fix it. i don't want to know how it would affect millions of voters. >> you remember this moment. i'm sure clinton came up with it on the spot, the trump's up trickle. >> you need to have a tax system that rewards work, not just financial transactions and the kind of plan that donald put forth would be trickle down economics all over again. i call it trumped up trickle
3:49 am
down. that's exactly what it would be. >> what was your response to that? >> i don't think she delivered it particularly well. she rehearsed it a number of times there. >> of course she did. in any normal election cycle, that's the moment we would see played over and over again because they did plan it. donald trump has been going around making himself appeal to the working class. i think she really went after that saying, actually, he's sort of the same republican you are seeing in the past. he would do the same thing with his tax line. >> going to be fascinating to watch. always good to see you. thanks for being here. you can catch the final debate here on the fox news channel moderated by chris wallace wednesday at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. don't miss it. mike huckabee says the attacks on donald trump are the attacks he suffered. he joins us live at the top of the hour. don't miss that. the clinton campaign cannot
3:50 am
stop hackers from breaking into their e-mails. apparently you can. the cyber guy is here with how to spot a cyber threat before you click. that is up next. once i started building the tree, ancestry helped me find out that military service goes into my family pretty far back.
3:51 am
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3:53 am
well, just last week, the clinton foundation had to warn donors about hacking attempts to steal their personal information. >> that's not the only threat. 500,000 unique phishing sites that were found in this quarter alone. >> what can you do to not be tricked? >> they are new fake sites.
3:54 am
it's a massive problem. 61% this year. >> what, exactly, does a phishing e-mail look like? >> it looks identical to the same thing. if you search your banks website, it is going to look the same. phishing the designed, whether you are a politician or russian breaking into a u.s. system or every person in this country who is getting an e-mail. this happens multitudes of times. >> they look so serious and real, but they are not. they are fake. they are designed to steal something from you. >> we have a list of people, facebook, irs, an e-mail with the letterhead on the top of it, click this link to confirm your password. >> those are the popular ones going around. papal, facebook. do the number one thing. did i ask for this e-mail?
3:55 am
did i request this e-mail or text to be sent to me? if the answer is no, don't open it, delete it, see you later. if you have a question, i don't know, maybe i did. call the bank. call the other company directly or dial up the website yourself on the browser. >> don't hit the link. >> just by opening it you infect your computer? >> oh, yeah. you don't have to respond to the e-mail. you can open it. as soon as an image displays, it could be invisible. >> i think about myself and others. if they actually got it, if i responded to the e-mails, what do they want to do? >> they want to steal your money. they want to get your credentials, build up a portfolio about everything about abbey. that's valuable and they bundle it and sell it on the underground market. >> you have a quiz here. >> can you tell whether this is fake or totally legit? first one here, this came and i
3:56 am
clicked it. it's the facebook page. looks very legit. >> almost exactly like the facebook log in. >> i don't recognize the picture to the left, though. >> it looks real. >> let's look. real or fake? fake. at the top, it does not say it says another address. look at the web addresses. >> it's totally fake. >> take a look at this one. is this real or fake? that's from paypal. >> no, it's chase. is it real or fake? >> with the logo, you would think if you are a chase customer, it is mine. >> answer is, false. it's got to be fake, right? >> let me get my stamp out here. it's real. >> legit. >> this is why it's hard. >> you know that snou. >> you actually called chase up
3:57 am
and they answered. you can hover over the addresses. it's so suspicious. you want to delete something you didn't ask for and call for more. there's more on facebook. >> governor huckabee is going to be up next. we are going to quiz him, too. but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands. i found a better deal on prescriptions. we found lower co-pays... ...and a free wellness visit. new plan...same doctor. i'm happy. it's medicare open enrollment. have you compared plans yet? it's easy at or you can call 1-800-medicare.
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i invest with e*trade, where investors can investigate and invest in vests... or not in vests. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars. good morning to you. it is saturday, october 15th. donald trump firing up the crowd by attacking everyone and everything in his past. >> as you have seen, i am a victim of one of the great political smear campaigns in the history of our country. >> going after his accusers, the media and the teleprompter. >> one of hillary's own supporters think of her. now we know, thanks to wikileaks. >> her instincts are suboptimal. that's not a comment. that's from her own friend. we have more. stay tuned. it sounded too good to be
4:01 am
true. >> if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. period. >> period. >> now we know, it was. this morning, more than a million americans learn they are about to lose their doctors and plans. fox friends hour two starts now. ♪ this is it ♪ make no mistake ♪ this is it >> my favorite kenny loggins song. he is going to be on the show this morning. bass proshop getting ready for a big hunting season. we are out there. janice was in the canoe earlier. >> it is under way. elk in the west, moose in the east. deer next month. we are in the middle of it. >> i had bass for dinner last night to celebrate. >> large mouth? >> i don't know.
4:02 am
sea bass. >> we'll get to this, donald trump firing back over the sexual assault cases. >> they say it is part of a big smear campaign. >> we are live in new hampshire, one of the prettiest towns in america. trump is holding a rally there later. good morning, peter. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump is not giving ground to any of the women who continue to come forward and accuse him of being sexually inappropriate. trump said he never met some of the women talking to the press. he said some of the places these incidents happened were public for anything to occur and not noticing. others were not his type. trump tweeted, 100% fabricated and made charges pushed by the media and the clinton campaign. fixed. last night, trump added this.
4:03 am
>> as you have seen, i am a victim of one of the great political smear campaigns in the history of our country. they are coming after me to try an destroy what is considered by even them the greatest movement in the history of our country. >> the trump campaign is putting forward the story of a man who remembers a man being on the infamous flight with trump and jessica leads where leads says trump groped her. this witness has a good memory and never saw anything happen. they released a statement from the accusers cousin and saying she is doing it for attention. gloria allred was a hillary clinton delegate at the convention. trump was trying to stick to script, fwu teleprompters broke. he took the prompter screen on
4:04 am
the left and right apart one at a time. the crowd seemed to really enjoy it. trump said he likes speaking better without it anyway. he is staying on the trail and is going to be at toyota of portsmouth and later in bangor, maine. he's staying on the east coast, but staying busy. >> that's the trump that won the primaries. taking down the tell promplters saying hell with it. >> governor mike huckabee is with us. great to see you this morning. >> good morning. >> you are hearing what trump tweeted, they are 100% false accusations being trumped up by the clinton campaign. you said you saw similar things when you were running for governor of arkansas, right? >> absolutely. every race i was in running against the clinton political machine. it's only more sophisticated and better. what i'm seeing is exactly what i experienced.
4:05 am
it's a full frontal assault just before the election with everything from allegations, lawsuits, there's no end to it. people need to remember, the clinton's play to win. these are not people who say, well, what are the rules? let's make sure we play. everything is on the table. i want to say, everything is on the table. >> yes. >> they will hire private investigators, they will do whatever it takes to find something. if they don't find it, they will fabricate it. as tucker knows from working in arkansas, the press is a co-conspirator. 1998, i was running for governor, on the front page, 19 days prior to the election, there were 18 front page stories that were negative about me and that's what trump is saying. but the thing that i would say to donald trump, don't take the
4:06 am
bait and respond to all of them because now you are totally off your message and on their message. that's exactly what they are after. >> i used to work at that paper, the one you mentioned. >> yes, you did. >> the mindless, dishonest hillary, there's no debate about that at this point. at the same time, the middle class is shrinking, life expectancy is going down. more men are unemployed. these are the issues trump can win on, no? >> they are. tucker, i don't think it's too late. he can't wait many more days. he's going to have to stop defending and detail whag allegations are made. that only gives more energy to it. instead, a broad deflection saying, look, i know if you read the paper or watch the news on the major networks you are hearing a lot of stuff about me. you know why? they don't want to hear what i want to do for you and go to the
4:07 am
contrast and say hillary will raise your taxes, i will open them. she will open the borders, i want to control them. she want as global world. i want a world where merck is first. that's why they are hitting me. don't believe this stuff. then don't focus on it and don't go into a point by point defense or denial of it. nobody that is supporting trump cares about it. >> right. meanwhile, you have thousands and thousands of e-mails leaked out wii wikileaks. you get a sense, the clinton's have been calculating, you get a sense of how the people in her close circle feel about her. this is just one of the e-mails from camden saying hillary, god, her instincts are suboptimal. what is your response? you have dissected a bunch of these e-mails. what is your take on that? >> if you have people like the clintons, you are going to be
4:08 am
surrounded by people like that. this is all about power. it's obtaining it and using it for your own benefit as we have seen through the clinton foundation. the million dollar gift from the nation of kuttar for his birthday. it's so scandalous. the fact the press is ignoring it and letting it go when we know the controversies even around barack obama didn't originate with donald trump, it was the clinton sneer machine, which is full force always has been and always will be. they will deflect from enmys and try to destroy them. >> it seems every day this past week, there's another woman saying trump treated them disrespectfully in some way. you talk about the clinton machine. are you saying they are behind what some of the women are saying? >> here is what i'm saying. at this point, we cannot verify the veracity of these allegat n
4:09 am
allegatio allegations. it's going to take more time than we have. we can't verify. we don't know if it's true, whether it is or not. we can verify what hillary clinton will do if she gets elected president. our world is in a very dangerous place if she does. our economy continues to deteriorate. people will not have stronger jobs. unborn babies aren't going to be safer. how many things do we need to go through? those are things we can absolutely verify. we can verify the second amendment is on the table. the fourth and fifth amendments are on the table. we can verify two sets of rules in america, one for hillary and her pals, they will always get off and the rest of us will go to jail for doing what they would be doing. that, i can verify. you don't even have to wait until election day to find out. >> 20 days left in this election cycle, if you can believe that. the question we have been seeing about reports on evangelicals
4:10 am
and the scandals, the evangelical women are breaking from their husbands saying i can't do it, i can't vote for the guy and their husband sticking to it. where do you see donald trump with the clas chan vote. if mitt romney got a bump in the last election, he would be in office among conservative christians. >> if mitt romney had 4% more of evangelical votes, that doesn't include catholics and the christians and other denominations, just evangelicals he would have been president. i don't buy that evangelicals are walking away from trump. most of them that weren't going to vote for trump aren't going to because of reasons in the primary. the people that aren't with him realize it's not an election of two sunday schoolteachers. this is two people who will take the courts, economy, country, national security and borders
4:11 am
180 degrees opposite directions. whether they like the person personally, whether they think they are a wonderful human being they would invite to dinner or think they are full of all kinds of challenges ethically, they know the difference in the way they are going to lead the country is stark and dramatic. that's why they are sticking with trump. >> they are sticking with him because he is right on issues. >> exactly right. >> governor huckabee, thanks for being here. >> take care. we have other headlines this morning starting with a fox news alert. the cia is preparing a major cyber attack against russia. vice president joe biden says the obama presidency is sending a message to vladimir putin, trying to embarrass the kremlin. another alert coming in overnight, a police officer shot in the head. [ gunfire ]
4:12 am
>> officer down. all units to respond. >> san francisco police confronting a mentally ill man at a shopping plaza when he opened fire. one officer suffering a serious graze wound to the head. officers exchanging gunfire, wounding the suspect who is now in custody. thankfully the wounded officer is expected to be okay. mexico's most notorious drug lord headed to the u.s. they are extraditing el chapo by february. he is facing money laundering, drug trafficking and murder charges here. he's been under close watch after escaping a maximum security prison in mexico. the navy's newest destroyer is being commissioned today. the $4 billion ship is built for stealth and loaded with advanced technology. you can see it there. the boat named after the late
4:13 am
admiral a world war ii hero. it will be manned by 150 soldiers. beautiful. >> those are your headlines. thank you. there's more than just the presidency at stake in november. >> if we lose the senate, do you know who becomes the chairman of the budget committee. a guy named bernie sanders. ever heard of him? >> can the gop take control of congress? >> the weather may be getting cooler, but fall hunting season is heating up. we have the best gear for your trips out there on the plaza right now. stay with us. many people clean their dentures
4:14 am
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4:17 am
welcome back. all eyes are on the presidential race. what could congress look like if trump or clinton is elected parking light. co-founder and publisher joins us now with more on this. good morning, sir. thanks for being here. >> great to be with you. >> as it stands now, 46 democrats, 54 republicans in office, 51 needed for the majority there. the race is to watch pennsylvania is going to be a big one. >> yeah, pennsylvania is interesting. one of the things, all the incumbent senators, how far ahead of donald trump do they have to stay in the states. just a few weeks ago, trump had pennsylvania close, within a couple points. now trimp has fallen back to 8.5
4:18 am
points. that's a good indicator of the race. pat toomey is going to need a lot of help, ticket splitters to pull the race out if donald trump stays that far behind. >> there are others that are close, even the swing states people should be watching closely. >> that's right. there are a lot -- >> nevada, for example. >> north carolina is one. nevada is one to look at because it's one of the -- it's the only seat the democrats are defending this cycle. harry reid is retiring. the democrat is running behind. joe heck, the republican has run strong in that state. if republicans are able to take that seat away, it will complicate the efforts to retake the majority. >> illinois, the tenth congressional district. what is going to happen here, do you think? >> it's a great race. it is up the street from me on the north shore of chicago. bob dold won.
4:19 am
then last to schneider when obama was winning the seat by 17 points, winning the district. he retook it from schneider. it's a rubber match. the third time they have run against each other. it will depend on how well bob dold will do. hillary clinton will win that area, it's a question of how much. swh >> what is your prediction. if hillary clinton takes the white house, what is going to map to the house and senate? donald trump, if he wins, what happens? >> i don't like to be in the prediction business. the crystal ball is cloudy. if hillary clinton wins and wins substantially on november 8, the democrats will most likely win many of these very come pettive senate races and enough to take the senate back overall. if donald trump wins, republicans have a good night overall and republicans will be able to defend. it's unlikely hillary clinton is going to lose on november 8 and
4:20 am
democrats will still win a majority of the senate seats. that hasn't happened since 1860. unlikely it would happen this year. >> so much on this election race. the impacts are locally huge. thank you for breaking it down this morning. >> you bet. the mainstream media doubles down on trump's scandals, but hillary clinton's scandals, no big deal. is that fair? we are going to debate, next. a second chance by the president of the united states. he says, obama? no thank you.
4:21 am
sweet sun no artificial flavors. philadelphia® strawberry. rich..., creamy... ...and delicious. nothing else tastes like philadelphia®
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4:23 am
time for the math portion of the quiz. it's news by the numbers. 600 billion, that's how much the
4:24 am
federal budget is in the hole just this year. it's more than a 30% increase from last year's deficit. the fed is blaming the massive run up on health care spending. huh. next, $12 million is how much taxpayer dollars the irs threw away on an e-mail service they couldn't use. finally, 20% is how much heating bills are expected to surge as colder temperatures predicted for most of the country. clayton morris, ladies and gentlemen. >> thank you. the mainstream hammering donald trump on the claims of sexual assault. as reporters focus on the republican nominees past, a fox poll reveals 66% of voters say clinton's would have a serious effect on her administration. here is the vice chair of the national diversity coalition for trump and 2008 clinton campaign
4:25 am
adviser. nice to see both of you. >> good morning. >> if you look at google trends over the past week, they are search terms people are punching into google, when the wikileaks story broke earlier this week, you see the blue surge for people showing interest in that story. every day the e-mails were trickling from wikileaks, you see that. that wasn't reflected in the "nightly news" coverage. why do you think that is? do you think they are bearing it? >> no. i think we can go back months ago when hillary clinton's own opponent said we are all sick and tired of her e-mails. look. the reason trump is getting so much attention is because he's the one with the microphone. if he wants to change the narrative, he could. instead, he attacks anyone who says something he doesn't like. this is someone who, basically, built his campaign by being in front of a camera 24/7.
4:26 am
now he doesn't want to dance with the one who brought him. >> what do you think? >> i think the mainstream media is working hard to pick a president. i want everyone to be on notice, the american people are paying attention. they are awake. these e-mails are pretty damming. we have information that hillary clinton sat on the board that funds isis. she calls latinos needy and blacks underachievers. we have information that campaign people have smeared the catholic religion. i mean, there are so many things in there that are so damaging and damming for her. >> what about those points? what about those points? >> exaggerated at best. i think the issue of why this isn't being seen as much as the
4:27 am
donald trump controversy is because there's nothing there. campaigns strategize. everyone who has looked at this certainly it would be interesting to see donald trump's e-mails, but russia doesn't want us to see them. if donald trump supporters want to be talking about the e-mails, how come their candidate won't even acknowledge what the intelligence community briefed him on, russia is trying to attack our democracy. the idea we have a presidential candidate who will not even acknowledge this serious attack while at the same time attacking women who have had to deal with his disgusting and i will say, deplorable actions and words is hilariously hypercritical if it wasn't such a serious issue. >> we get to the donald trump side of this. his lying is that hillary clinton's people are doing this to me.
4:28 am
they are smearing me. >> not true. >> what do you think about that? >> what i would say is you just had huckabee on talking about how they smeared him when he was running. so, that's basically a distraction. the american people are awake and you want to talk about awake, the fbi and the department of justice attorneys who investigated those e-mails agree hillary clinton should have been prosecuted. not only that -- it came from the top down. the corruption came from the top down. not the bottom up. the people on the bottom who did the grunt work and all the investigating -- excuse me, did all the investigating, they all believe that she should have been prosecuted and her clearance yanked. those are fellow americans standing up telling this country and telling the world, do not elect this woman. she should -- >> clearance over the national
4:29 am
security. >> do you know who is awake? it's women. >> america is awake. >> donald trump denied his sexual predatory ways and there is not a woman i have talked to in the last ten days who has not been triggered by this in some way who has not had to relive some sort of groping, disgusting action that she's had to face in the workplace or face in her daily life. guess who is awake? speaking of americans who are awake, it's women and they are standing up. >> they are awake as well. >> conservative women. >> women that bill clinton raped are awake and women are watching. >> i think we are all awake now. >> we don't want sexual predators in the white house. >> no, we don't. >> thank you for joining us this morning. appreciate it. let us know your thoughts -- >> have a great day. >> go to facebook and weigh in
4:30 am
on this story as well. coming up, a fox news alert, cyber assault on russia. >> capacity to do it and -- >> he'll know it? >> will this start a new cold war? that's next. hillary clinton dreams of a world without borders. our next guest saying it's soup id. he explains, coming up. psh psh lunch is ready! campbell's spider-man soups. made for real, real life. thanks mom
4:31 am
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4:34 am
before the final debate between trump and hillary it will take place next week in las vegas. that's right. trump insisted it takes place in vegas so everything that happens there stays there. >> oh, but it won't stay there. i think it -- who knows what is going to happen. this is the last obvious moment for the race to change trajectories. >> could there be a better city to hold it in? >> of course, the final debate. fox news. you can watch it all here unfolding this week, right there, wednesday, october 19th at 9:00 p.m.
4:35 am
it will be moderated by chris wallace on fox news channel. >> the first time a fox anchor has done a presidential debate. >> this is the biggest channel in all of cable. >> he's going to do great and dig into the important topics people care about. tune in here. >> we'll be there. a fox news alert, the cia preparing to unleash a massive cyber attack against russia, pay them back for alleged involvement of wikileaks. >> we are live in washington, d.c., with breaking details on the cyber war. >> absolutely. the white house has said repeatedly it plans to respond and send a clear message to russia. this comes after the intelligence community identified russia as being behind the recent string of cyber attacks on various branches of the democratic party. for the past week, the administration has been working on the details of what that response will look like. one option being considered,
4:36 am
according to a report by nbc news is a series of unprecedented cyber actions against the russian state. that effort, according to this report is being headed by the cia that is asked to deliver options to the white house with the goal of harassing and embarrassing the kremlin leadership. last night in an interview with chuck todd, joe biden said they have no option or capabilities to do that. >> we have the capacity to do it and the message -- >> he'll know it? >> he'll know it. it will be the time of our chooses and you should the circumstances with the greatest impact. >> a message is going to be sent. will the public know it? >> hope not. >> which ever way they choose to respond, it won't be announced ahead of time, which is helpful
4:37 am
in covert operations. in the past, the u.s. has been hesitant to engage russia directly in cyber warfare because they have the world's largest and most capable arsenals in warfare. any action by one side will be met by the other side and continuely escalate, the point as you mentioned in the intro, we could get a cyber cold warfare. >> we know russia is behind it. wikileaks and the left was totally for it when it was hurting the national security. now that it's threatening hillary's campaign, let's start a cyber war. >> how is this going to end? russia is going to say we got if message, thanks. we'll stop everything. >> it's about protecting hillary. that's not how you run it. >> this is just the beginning, i fear, unfortunately. fall hunting season is here, on a good note. clayton is outside with more.
4:38 am
>> let's stop politics and head outside for hunting. make sure you have all the gear you need. i have my own vanna white here to show off the latest and greatest. we have the hunting team. great to see you both. welcome. >> great to be here. >> if you are like us and love this time of year and can't wait to get out, we have some of our favorites to share with you this morning. >> it's getting cold out already. we need the cold gear. start with the redhead clothing. >> this is the tech wind proof. this jacket and pants from redhead is 100% wind broof, but breathable, which is very important. it has scental inside it. it keeps the animals from smelling you. the technology that stops odors. >> i need that around the house so my wife doesn't -- >> exactly. it comes in the true timber
4:39 am
pattern, which is digital paragraph fi on the garment. it's super realistic. >> let's talk about the she outdoor clothing. >> i brought two of my favorite, the c2 pant and jacket. it comes in the great truember . this is actually made for us. >> i'd like to see janice wearing it. >> she would look good in it. this is made for a woman's body. you are going to be able to stay concealed, comfortable and out in the field longer. >> we know about under armor. tell us about the under armor stuff you are looking at. >> this is a fashion function. a lot of guys are able to transition from in the field to the street and it comes in three color options. >> great, great. >> absolutely. >> let's talk about the kayak. janice was in the kayak earlier.
4:40 am
>> this is a hybrid. you can use it for hunting or fishing. one of the coolest parts is the hole that makes it super stable. you know how tippy a kayak usually is? >> right, right. >> you can stand and shoot out of it. >> it allows you to go in the hard to reach places you normally couldn't go in a boat. it's got come partments all on the inside to fit hunting gear and accessories. >> i understand we have duck and goose calls. >> oh, i want to do this. >> we brought some for you to try, if you would like. this is the redhead sere rose. >> i have never done this before. >> you have one here. show us how it works. >> to make the mallard sound, say hack. >> from the gut. >> it's backward.
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